Property Services

Residential property

When acquiring residential property, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere we will consider the most appropriate structure in which to acquire the asset. It will generally, but not always, be an offshore company, in an appropriate jurisdiction, that will be formed. We are able, through our contacts, to source properties in London and other parts of the UK but are happy, after an appropriate review, to acquire properties that clients have sourced themselves.

We will then:

  • Source an appropriate mortgage, if required.
  • Appoint the conveyancing attorneys after taking into account our client”s views.
  • Deal with Exchange and Completion on the property.
  • Arrange appropriate insurance cover, whether freehold or leasehold and whether owner occupied or let
  • Appoint a letting agent, where required
  • Appoint a property managing agent, where required
  • Enter into letting agreements
  • Ensure the company is registered with HMRC under the Non-Resident Landlords Scheme if appropriate
  • Liaise regularly with the managing agent to ensure that rentals are received on time and any repairs and maintenance required is done at the lowest or most appropriate cost.
  • Deal with any property costs such as council tax, utilities etc.
  • Ensure all bookkeeping is maintained up to date
  • Prepare accounts for the tax year end and determine any taxable profit