Cannon House Services

Services Summary

  • Trusts: This is where we tend to hold all offshore investments being shares and unit trusts.

  • Companies: Depending on the client”s tax status these companies can hold investments but mainly hold properties and in some instances are trading vehicles.

  • Managed Service: A service under the mandate of Cannon Asset Management Limited. This is very popular for clients wishing to utilise their SARB approved funds. It enables us to manage their offshore investments and provide them with tax returns efficiently. This is also used for smaller clients where a trust is not cost effective. As the funds grow they may be converted into a trust where appropriate. It must be understood that, in offering this service, Cannon is neither operating as a banking nor a deposit taking institution.

  • Investments: We manage portfolios on behalf of the clients. These portfolios are made up of either direct share investments or unit trusts. We deal with a number of investment houses and are able to structure a portfolio utilising a number of investments which we feel best suits the risk profile of the underlying client. We do have our own funds and generally use them as part of a client”s portfolio to create diversification. Normally smaller clients only have exposure to our funds but as the funds under management grow we introduce other funds into the mix to create a well diversified portfolio.

  • Property: We manage a large UK property portfolio and are able to offer clients the service of arranging almost everything for the property purchase. Normally the client finds the property and we do everything else e.g. mortgage (bond) arrangement, purchase monitoring etc.. Once the property is purchased we then appoint a managing agent in the UK (if the client does not have one) and then manage the property from there on including the filing of tax returns.

  • Channel Islands Securities Exchange Listings: We are listing agents and are able to manage listings for clients. Normally these listings are for the registration of unitised investment schemes.

  • Offshore fund management and administration: We are licensed investment managers so are able to offer groups in South Africa the opportunity to have their own offshore structures. We also have a Fund Administration licence to take this service one step further.

  • Assisting South African residents with obtaining tax clearance certificates to ultimately utilise the ZAR4 million investment allowance. The funds can be transferred to either the client”s fully disclosed trust structure or for a managed service product managed by Cannon Asset Management Limited.